Rods & Reels


Here at Eastham Angling, you’ll find dozens of fishing rods from the market’s leading manufacturers, covering every type of fishing, every angler preference and all budgets across the board. We take huge pride in listing the latest and best rods from the industry’s top suppliers, each of which has a flawless track record for pure performance and rugged reliability. After all, even those who know nothing about angling would probably say the word ‘rod’ if they were asked to name a piece of fishing tackle and there’s certainly no denying that a quality rod is one of the most important pieces of kit in your portfolio. In fact, it was probably the first thing you invested in when you decided to take up angling. However, with hundreds of rods on the market, it can often feel overwhelming when you’re trying to find the perfect rod for your needs and even the most experienced angler can find themselves swamped with choices; carp rods, telescopic fishing rod, fly fishing rod or a travel fishing rod.


Buying a reel is probably one of the first things that you’ll consider when you’re looking to build your own tackle collection. However, even for the experienced angler, the choice can be somewhat intimidating. If you need some help narrowing down what fishing reel best suits you, you are at the right place. We, here at Eastham Angling, are proud to stock a huge range of fishing reels for anglers across the disciplines, from fixed spool reels to multiplier reels. We have scoured the market to ensure that we’re only ever bringing you the best quality that money can buy so you never have to part with more than you want in order to get a reel that is perfect for your needs.

Fishing reels are one of the areas of angling that benefit from the most technological growth. The market is continually striving to create lighter weight and higher strength performance pieces to improve your time on the bank. Such technological advances can be just as overwhelming for an experienced angler as it can be for a novice angler, with terminology changing almost as quickly as carp fishing fashion!